Water Heater, Boiler, Tank Anodes

In water heaters, boilers and solar energy systems, the dimensions of boiler and shape of the heater requires production of special type magnesium anode. Besides defined standard measurements, production of magnesium anodes with special sizes and special fasteners is done by YILDIRIM DÖKÜM.

Magnesium anodes used for water heater, boiler and solar energy system are manufactured as Ø 18mm, Ø 20 mm, Ø 22 mm, Ø 26 mm, Ø 33 mm. designed fasteners are needed.

The production and use of Magnesium Anode is a completely engineering subject. Magnesium anodes; Due to the structural effects of alloying elements, frequent control and spectrographic analyzes are required for each melt. With the modern XRF spectrometer, it provides fast and accurate chemical composition control of the liquid metal before casting.

Chemical composition and dispersion are important parameters affecting the anode performance. How much impurity is also in each melt should be measured. In order to meet the anode alloy, it is necessary to use a high grade primary (pure) metal.

Yıldırım Döküm, which meets its raw material (magnesium ingot) need with imports abroad, has based on the principle of continuity in quality by making raw material analyzes in each batch of production. Yıldırım Döküm ve Anot Sanayi, which is the supplier of strong and well-known brands in the sector, has become the reason of preference of companies with its high and standard quality understanding.